Rawhyde Manufacturing Company was founded in 2011 by Christopher Jay Heller to reflect the modern gentleman. Rawhyde aims to infuse the traditional elements of classic fashion pieces such as the bow tie, with a dynamic sense of personality. Born by the beach and refined in the City of LA, Rawhyde’s handmade process dedicates an unfiltered and authentic quality to each product.

Our discernible craftsmanship is coupled with a paradigm shift in the modern gentlemen's yearn for individuality. Fostering a much higher appreciation for original art and expression, Rawhyde dismisses the old school thought of keeping up with the Joneses. The modern man finds value across all mediums and doesn't listen to critcs, ratings, or trends. Not only is our mission to further this raw culture, but also to facilitate your creativity by enabling you to design your own pieces.

Here’s to the traditionally untraditional gentleman.”
- Rawhyde Mfg. Co.